We're doing a survey to understand what behaviours inhibit good nutrition in early life and we need your help.

This survey is the first step toward the creation of an Early Life Nutrition Behavioural Index that clearly shows where there is work to do to improve behaviours surrounding nutrition in early life. We recognise that it will take some time to create a comprehensive index, but we aim to start the journey towards that with this survey. We have therefore chosen five key areas where we know people are already doing things that are wrong today when it comes to early life nutrition: 

1.            Nutrition during Pregnancy
2.            Folic Acid Intake
3.            Exclusive Breastfeeding
4.            Feeding Children High Sugar Foods 
5.            Introducing Cow's Milk

And that’s where you come in. We need your help to understand your population's nutritional behaviours in these areas. So we’ve designed a survey to assess these behaviours. At the recent Nutrition and Growth Conference in Amsterdam, we launched the survey and found there to be huge interest in this topic and belief in the importance of creating such an index. We now need you to take 10 minutes and fill it in.
Once we analyse the survey data, we’ll be in touch with the results and with ideas for what we might do next to fill the gaps we identify. This is a hugely exciting opportunity for us as a network – with your help, we can tangibly improve early life nutritional behaviours globally.