The Early Life Nutrition Network is a global, interdisciplinary community of healthcare professionals working together to improve nutrition habits in early life. 

It was created in 2013 with the aim of enabling a discussion on how to improve early life nutrition behaviours. The Network was launched at a workshop in Barcelona, where 400 healthcare stakeholders, who make up the Network’s initial membership base, discussed the problem of how to improve nutrition in early life.

Today, we are an interdisciplinary community of over 600 members from 60 countries across the globe.

The discussion is sustained on this online platform that pools expertise, best practice and behavioural insights from across the world and across disciplines, to promote action.

We are an independent organization, and a UK registered charity. 

Why do we need such a Network?

 It is now widely accepted that good nutrition is important throughout life. There is growing evidence that nutrition in early life in particular may have a profound effect on later health outcomes. Therefore, it is clear that we need to improve nutrition in early life in order to improve general health outcomes globally. The Early Life Nutrition Network aims to do exactly that. 

Many opportunities already exist for debate about the scientific evidence, and it is critically important these debates continue. However, it is not enough simply to look at the evidence. If we believe that nutrition in early life is important, we also have to understand the best ways of getting the message out there and actually changing people’s behaviour.

How do we do this?


  1. Pool interdisciplinary expertise to grapple with key behavioural problems
  2. Promote best practice in solving these problems
  3. Produce behavior change interventions to aid our community in the behavioural challenges they face 

What is unique about the Early Life Nutrition Network?

The Early Life Nutrition Network is unique because it recognises the need for a global, interdisciplinary discussion about how to improve nutrition in early life and focuses on communication: 

  • It goes beyond having a purely scientific focus making it possible to initiate widespread change to behaviours surrounding nutrition in early life.
  • It goes beyond having a narrow, location-specific view; bringing learnings from local interventions together to create a library of successful and unsuccessful behaviour change initiatives which have taken place globally. 
  • It goes beyond focusing on individual practice areas; acknowledging the success of an intervention spans many practice areas.

Independence Policy 

The Early Life Nutrition Network is a UK registered charity (Registered charity number: 1160942) As such the Network is completely independent  and not influenced in any way by our funders. We have received some seed funding from Danone and funding in kind from SHM. In addition we were awarded a grant by the Transform Foundation, a UK charity, to fund the further development of our  website.

The steering committee and Chairman all work on a pro-bono basis and are committed to maintaining the integrity and the independence of this important charity.